Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers

Many people have dental problems like crooked teeth or gaps between teeth and are unsure what to do. There are many ways to fix these problems; a dentist can give you various treatments for your teeth depending on your needs. Dental veneers are a common treatment that dentists offer. They are a great way to fix dental problems that many people face, giving you an incredible impression. They are also very natural and can be made to look just like your teeth! 

In this blog post, we wanted to share what dental veneers are and how they can help fix various dental problems. We also want to talk about whether getting them is worth it. Worry no more about having an attractive smile, and read on to find out more about how this cosmetic dental procedure can help solve your problem.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are often referred to as dental porcelain veneers; they are thin, custom-made shells of tooth-coloured materials that cover the front surfaces of teeth to change their shape, size, or colour. The purpose of this cosmetic dental procedure is to improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth and then make veneers based on those impressions. Veneers can be made out of different materials like ceramic or porcelain, and other composite materials like resin composites or tooth-coloured fillings like composite fillings. You and your dentist will look for the perfect shade for you and construct it based on your needs.

There are different dental veneers, and the most popular are made from porcelain and resin composite materials. Porcelain is popular because it can mimic the natural light-reflecting structures of real teeth and is excellent strain-resistant. In contrast, composite veneers are less expensive and a great alternative if you desire porcelain veneers.

You can ask the dentist which materials will work best for you. The other types of veneers are the following:

  • Palatal veneers (onlays)
  • Lumineer veneers (type of porcelain)
  • Removable veneers (non-permanent)

Veneers are a durable covering for your mouth and, if properly maintained, can provide long-lasting results.

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Dental Problems Veneers Can Fix.

Veneers are an excellent way to fix certain oral problems. Getting this treatment can be seen as an effective cosmetic procedure. These are the most common dental problems that can be corrected using veneers.

Discoloured Teeth

There are many different ways to brighten your smile, but some stains go deeper than others. Modern teeth whitening techniques can remove most of the stains on the teeth, but not all. So, while it may be possible to improve and give you a beautiful smile with a simple procedure such as laser or bleach-based whitening treatments, there is some discolouring that runs deeper and can not be corrected by these methods.

This cosmetic issue could socially debilitate people who have stained their teeth enamel due to factors like smoking cigarettes or drinking too much coffee; they often cover their mouths when laughing instead of letting an open mouth laugh show off beautiful sparkling whites!

Porcelain veneers allow for repairing tooth surfaces that can not be fixed with teeth whitening procedures, offering a quick cosmetic solution to stained teeth.

Worn-Down Teeth

Over time, your teeth can be vulnerable due to your lifestyle, how you chew and the food you eat. You may experience a condition wherein your teeth suffer a progressive loss of the tooth surface. This dental problem may not only affect the appearance of teeth but also be susceptible to further damage.

Worn down teeth are the result of erosion, dental trauma, or attrition. Dental veneers can conceal any uneven edges on your teeth while also protecting them from the risk of severe damage.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chips or cracks in your teeth can be caused by accidents, cavities, poor oral hygiene or tooth grinding. They put the nerve in your tooth (pulp) at risk and may require root canal treatment. This dental problem can increase tooth sensitivity and, if left untreated, can lead to more pain and discomfort.

If you experience chipped or broken teeth, a dental veneer could be the solution. In most cases, they provide protection and make your teeth more attractive because they hide any imperfections.

Misaligned, Uneven, or Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Your teeth may not be perfect, but with a few adjustments, they can look just as good. Dental veneers are designed to make your smile appear aligned and beautiful by correcting any irregularities in shape or size. They also solve jaw pain from misaligned teeth that sometimes affect your bite.

Dental veneers are a great choice, especially for people who are not a good fit for orthodontic treatment.

Gaps Between the Teeth

In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, dental veneers can also change their position. They can help close small gaps and correct small misalignments. Aside from retainers and braces, veneers can be a solution to the spaces between your teeth in an instant.

If your teeth are not aligned correctly, they can lead to problems with your bite. The alignment of the teeth can cause health problems by trapping food in small spaces where it will cause tooth decay and gum disease over time. A dental veneer is an effective way to fix this issue; they cover the gaps between the teeth so food particles can not reach them anymore!

Are Veneers Worth It?

Veneers are a type of dental restoration treatment that does not require an extensive procedure. Yes, you need to visit your dentist for a consultation, but once they are bonded to your natural teeth surface, dental visits are still required for management, but not as often. Unlike crowns and implants, dentures that contain porcelain, veneers can withstand everyday wear that these types of treatments can not tolerate, such as small chipped pieces or scratches and stains.

Veneers are worth it because they can provide a solution to many dental issues and improve the appearance of your teeth. They are an investment for both functional and aesthetic purposes, making them worth every penny!

It’s not just about improving one part of your body; investing in this will give you more confidence, leading to better health habits that could prevent future diseases.

Moreover, they can last for ten to fifteen years with proper aftercare, making them both worth your time and money.

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Final Thoughts

Dental veneers are an excellent investment for anyone who has been struggling with oral health problems or the appearance of their teeth. If you’ve been considering getting them, we hope this blog has been informative for you about the benefits of veneers and that it’s helped to answer any questions you may have had about dental veneers.

At Burwood Dental Care, our team is happy to help patients through every step of the process – from treatment planning, education, and financing options. We’re only a phone call away at 03 7003 2011. If there are any other aspects of the procedure or our practice in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!