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From the age of 7, your child will start to develop uneven teeth and misaligned bites. Not only is this can lower your kids self-confidence, but it can also cause lasting dental problems. That’s why getting Children Orthodontics at Modern Orthodontics Burwood is important. We will work with you to find a solution that will maintain your child’s teeth and improve their bite.

Straight teeth are one of the keys to a healthy, happy smile. Healthy teeth will help your kids avoid problems with speech and eating, and allow them to feel confident and comfortable speaking with others.

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Children Orthodontics - Burwood Dental Care

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Children Orthodontics - Burwood Dental Care

Early orthodontic treatment takes place while the child is still young, when the jawbones are still pliable. Corrective procedures require far less time and effort and work more quickly and effectively than they do for teenagers and adults.

Early diagnosis and treatment at Modern Orthodontics Burwood is the cornerstone of a healthy and functioning mouth in adulthood.

Despite the fact that your child’s teeth are aligned and straight, you may need to address underlying issues to prevent major dental problems from developing.

Early treatment reduces the complexity of later orthodontic treatment, resulting in a shorter treatment time and a lower financial cost.

Children Orthodontics - Burwood Dental Care

While early treatment is not always necessary, having your child see an orthodontist can help one of our specialists monitor how the child’s teeth and jaws develop and intervene if necessary.

This provides children with a number of advantages as they are treated for any bad habits early in life as well as being prepared for the development of their adult teeth.

Overall, when visiting one of our specialists early in the development process, we can make sure treatments are administered at the most appropriate time, ensuring that optimal results will be achieved in the future.

Regular visits to our office are also a good opportunity for your child to receive a dental exam, which can detect problems like tooth decay or oral infection.

While the cost of braces can be daunting, it is important to remember that they are an investment worth making. The American Association of Orthodontists has found that children who get braces have a better chance of keeping their teeth longer and face a lower risk of needing tooth removal later in life.

This question is  often asked by parents and our answer is “Whenever they need them.” If your child’s teeth aren’t straight, or your child isn’t able to maintain a healthy bite, then your child will benefit from orthodontic treatment. But because the severity of the problem and the age at which treatment is most effective vary from child to child, there isn’t necessarily an “ideal” age to start treatment.

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