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Invisalign® is a clear way to straighten your teeth with a comfortable, convenient, and affordable system. It’s an alternative to braces and other traditional systems that involves aligning your teeth with clear, removable appliances called trays. It is made up of a series of clear, removable plastic trays that fit over your teeth to gradually shift your teeth into place. It’s a convenient way to straighten your teeth since you can remove the trays for eating, drinking, and brushing.

This treatment option is ideal for people who do not want metal braces — or metal braces but cannot keep them on for several months to years — because they can be worn in public places without any stigma or limitations.

By visiting a professional Burwood dental clinic that offers Invisalign such as Burwood Dental Care, you will be able to get a clear idea of what it is they can do for you. After being given an examination of your teeth, you can then be given a clear idea of the cost of the Invisalign treatment as well as how long it will take to complete.

Invsalign Burwood - Burwood Dental Care

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Invisalign is an easy way to get your teeth into shape without needing to wear traditional braces. Wearing braces can be difficult for some, causing problems throughout their mouths, from bleeding gums and discomfort in your mouth. If you are looking for a way to improve your teeth’ shape without having the problems associated with wearing traditional braces, then Invisalign could be just what you need.

Invisalign uses 3D printed models of your teeth to accurately create a three-dimensional distortion-free smile that you are going to love. The process is simple to get through with a low risk of side effects, meaning that you will love the results you get.

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Getting a beautiful smile does not have to be expensive. One example of this is Invisalign, a revolutionary, invisible way to straighten teeth without braces. The average price of Invisalign can range anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000, depending on the severity of the problem. Our specialists will determine an exact price after a thorough examination and consultation.

Some of the main factors that will impact this cost include:

  • How much alignment your teeth require
  • The number of aligners you will need
  • The number of adjustments you will require
  • The amount covered by your insurance

If you need to pay the full cost for Invisalign braces, or if your private health insurance does not cover a significant portion of the costs, We offer payment options such as Afterpay & Humm.

Typically, Invisalign treatment takes 12 months to 18 months, but it can take as little as six months for simple cases.

For more complicated cases, the treatment duration could be between 24 to 36 months, depending on the crowding severity. An orthodontist might use conventional braces or other treatment for crowded teeth if the crowding is too severe for Invisalign.

Because each person’s teeth are slightly different, there is no one treatment for everyone, affecting treatment time.

If you’re considering Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, it’s a good idea to know if the treatment is right for you.

The first thing you should know is what Invisalign is and how it works. Invisalign involves wearing a series of thin, transparent aligners that gradually straighten your teeth without the need for metal braces. The aligners are changed every two weeks to move your teeth into the desired position slowly, and they can be removed for eating or brushing.

To be suitable for Invisalign, you must be prepared to wear the aligners for approximately 22 hours every day and visit our practice regularly during your treatment. You can continue to smile with confidence during your treatment with Invisalign, as the aligners are almost invisible in front of friends and family.

When selecting an orthodontist to carry out your Invisalign treatment, make sure they have excellent experience in their field.

Invisalign is a clear plastic brace that gently moves your teeth in the right direction. It’s much more comfortable than traditional braces, and it’s designed to be completely invisible. The only way anyone will be able to tell you’re wearing them is by looking at your teeth as they move closer together. You’ll also need a few adjustments every now and then, but these can be done during regular dental visits with no pain involved.

If you’re worried about Invisalign being painful, you’re not alone. Your first treatment might be a little uncomfortable, but your results will be amazing.

You may also want to find out if you need to see a dentist before your aligners are made. This information is essential because it will ultimately dictate the number of visits necessary during the first phase and how long each visit lasts.

How many visits do you need?

If you are in the first phase of getting Invisalign, it’s not uncommon for patients to see a dentist at least once. A few factors will determine whether you need to see a dentist before your aligners are made.

Invisalign will take around six months to make. This means that, even before the aligners are made, you will have at least four visits without wearing them to get your orthodontic treatment started.

It’s also a good idea to ask your dentist about any other treatments you may need for the first phase.

Two popular ways for teeth straightening are braces or Invisalign. 

Both methods are performed by hundreds of orthodontists a year, and both yield successful results from both. However, one of the most frequent questions is: “Which is the best for my teeth?” 

Orthodontic braces and Invisalign are both excellent ways to improve your smile. However, since they each have their benefits, one service may be the most suitable for a patient. Below is a breakdown of the most significant positives and negatives.

Invisalign Pros:

  • It is transparent and more inconspicuous than braces, which can draw negative attention to a patient’s mouth.
  • Since you can take out Invisalign whenever you want, it is easy to brush/floss and complete other daily activities with Invisalign instead of braces. 
  • Patients do not have to follow a specific diet. They can eat whatever they want, anytime they want, as long as they do not wear their aligners while they eat. 

Invisalign Cons:

  • It is important to note that Invisalign is only suitable for mild to moderate bite problems. Patients who have more complex dental problems cannot use Invisalign, which means they have to use traditional braces. 
  • You may have to pay more for it.
  • It’s easy to misplace Invisalign since it’s clear.

Braces Pros:

  • Despite the severity of a specific dental alignment issue, braces can be used to correct almost any issue.
  • The cost of braces is usually cheaper than that of Invisalign. 

Braces Cons:

  • A semi-permanent brace is fixed into a patient’s mouth, making it difficult for them to eat and brush/floss.
  • They are very noticeable. 
  • The patient with braces is not supposed to eat certain foods, such as hard candy, caramel, etc. 
  • Braces require regular adjustments, which can be both inconvenient and uncomfortable. 


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