Invisalign Orthodontic

If you’re looking for a dental treatment that will transform your smile, Invisalign is the way to go. It’s an alternative to braces which can be uncomfortable and painful.

You may ask, “What are the advantages of dental treatments using Invisalign?”, “Is it expensive, and does it work?”. 

We know many people are sceptical about the whole process, and it’s understandable. It can be a huge investment in time and money to get dental treatment done with Invisalign. Still, many benefits come with this type of treatment.

This blog post discusses how Invisalign works and what it can do for your teeth. Read on to learn more about this innovative new technology!

What Is Invisalign?

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Everyone wants to have a perfect smile, but not everyone can afford to spend thousands on cosmetic dentistry. Luckily other options don’t involve surgery.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can be done to obtain the smile you have always wanted. No longer do you have to clench your teeth and wear uncomfortable braces that make it difficult for you to chew or laugh because Invisalign will straighten out those crooked chompers in no time!

Invisalign is a treatment that straightens teeth with clear, custom-made trays. It has been proven effective for patients with mild to moderate misalignment, and it also aligns your bite. If you suffer from overbite, crossbite or underbite, then Invisalign may be just what you need!  

The process begins by placing the clear plastic trays over your teeth which you will wear for 20 to 22 hours per day, depending on which step you are at during the treatment. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move gradually over time – little by little, week after week until they reach their projected final position. Furthermore, they’re easily removed; thus, you can eat all your favourite food at the same time, you can maintain your oral health without having trouble flossing and brushing as you usually would.

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What’s the Invisalign Treatment Process  

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Curious about Invisalign? Here’s an overview of the process:

In a nutshell, patients wear transparent plastic trays that mould to their teeth. The orthodontist then uses these images taken during treatment as references for making any necessary adjustments. It’s important to note that it is nearly impossible not to eat what you want and brush your teeth without worry with this removable option.


Invisalign is an excellent treatment for patients interested in having straighter teeth. Still, it doesn’t work for all orthodontic issues. Suppose you’re considering Invisalign as an option and want to know more about whether or not this treatment would be the best choice for your needs. In that case, we will first have to determine if Invisalign can help with these specific problems. You must also take the insurance coverage and cost comparisons into consideration. The orthodontist would also check whether patients can commit themselves to wear the trays on at almost every moment of the day (with exceptions made during eating and brushing). Even though there might be an alternative treating location close by that costs less than our clinic prices, make sure your teeth get treated by someone who knows how best to handle them. Many dentists offer Invisalign, but they lack the extensive training and specialization that orthodontists provide. It can result in poorer quality outcomes.

Your Orthodontists Will Create a Custom Treatment Plan for You.

The process of Invisalign treatment begins with x-rays, photos and impressions. These records are sent to the company along with instructions on how we want your teeth to move. The technicians input these details into a computer that generates a 3D rendering of what your teeth will look like when they have reached their desired position. We can view this progress in our office computers at any time for adjustments until it is just right! Our office and Invisalign work together to get the perfect course of treatment for each patient. It can take us some time to get the course of treatment precisely right. When it meets our approval, we send over all the necessary information to make trays for you.

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Waiting for Your Invisalign Aligners

You won’t have to wait too long for your new aligners. It might take about a month for our office to receive the aligners.

Wearing Your Invisalign

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We will work with you one-on-one to help create a treatment plan that works for your needs. We want our patients to be as educated and informed about their dental health so they can feel more in control of the process – from getting the right fit, using aligners correctly, brushing better at home or understanding why we recommend certain dental care products like fluoride toothpaste. 

We will give you your new aligners when they are ready, and we need to make sure that the entire treatment process is completed. It means wearing them for two weeks each before moving on to a different one in a specific order so as not to affect how well your teeth move over time. So wear the Invisalign at all times during this process, unless, of course, if you’re brushing or eating.

Creating that Perfect Smile

After wearing the last tray for two weeks, many patients still need to receive refinement trays. It’s not uncommon for patients to need additional Invisalign trays after their treatment is complete. According to the company, many people will find that they still have a few teeth that require adjustments and refinement before seeing the desired results. They can also be ordered at no extra cost. 

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Maintaining Your Smile

After Invisalign treatment, you will need to wear retainers so that your mouth has time to adjust around the new teeth placement. Vivera is similar to the other trays but just thicker and more durable. It is what you’ll use as a retainer, or you may opt for a wired retainer. Although they are not meant to be changed out every two weeks as some types of aligners, it’s still necessary during those first few months following treatment while tooth solidification occurs completely because, over time, our teeth naturally shift and move after all.

Final Thoughts

The Invisalign treatment process can often be challenging to understand; thus, you must take the time to learn how it works and why it differs from other orthodontic treatments available today. To help make things easier for you, we’ve provided a brief overview of what happens when someone starts an Invisalign treatment and tips on the best way to manage your expectations about results. If you have any question, please contact us at Burwood Dental Care (03 7034 0333), and our dental experts will gladly help you. We offer free consultations to evaluate each patient’s individual needs to provide them with the best possible care.