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Throughout life, you will have been told about the impact sugar can have on your oral health. At a check-up appointment, the dentist would always recommend you to avoid your favourite foods that contain sugar properties, and it may not be something you want to hear, but it’s necessary to preserve your smile.

If you’re a regular visitor to the dentist, then you cannot go far wrong following their advice. Although, the rise of the internet means there is a tonne of information which may not be as truthful as you’d think. This has lead to myths and misconceptions surrounding dentistry, none more so than the impact sugar can have on your teeth.

Its true, sugar isn’t good for your teeth, but its important to be aware of the myths circulating online so that you’re clear that sugar has no positive relation to your teeth.

Let’s take a look at what the myths about sugar and your teeth are:

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You Can Still Drink Diet Sodas

If you’re at a store and have come across some diet alternatives for sodas, continue to move away from it. Unfortunately, just because a diet soda states that it doesn’t contain sugar, there are other properties that substitute for sugary sodas that are just as harmful to your teeth. Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, which taste like sugar but contain low to zero calories. Unfortunately, these artificial sweeteners may contain citrus and properties that feed acid build-up. An acid attack on your enamel can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Sodas shouldn’t be considered in its entirety. Read more here to learn about the effects of sugar from sodas on your teeth.

Consume Sugar But In Smaller Quantities

No matter if you consume large amounts of sugar in one sitting, compared to consuming sugar in small quantities, this doesn’t make the result any different. Sugars in food feed harmful bacteria build-up which then leads to an acid attack on your enamel. The acid inside the mouth is usually created one hour after consuming sugar and starch. This makes snacking on sugar and sweets damaging to your teeth, no matter whether you consume low or high amounts at any given time. From the moment sugar enters your mouth is a sign of danger to your oral health because the sugar beings to multiply. In time, a cavity will form.

I Should Stop Consuming Sugar For Good

Whilst the dentist will advocate for consuming fewer amounts of sugar, this doesn’t mean you should give up sugar entirely. If you’re a person that likes sugar, it can be understandably difficult to stop consuming it altogether. There are many forms of sugar such as these like glucose and fructose that contain vitamins and minerals (not including artificial sweeteners and preservatives). Minimally processed and natural sugars are acceptable to consume as part of a balanced diet, such as fruit and milk. You should stay away from any artificial or processed sugars.

Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Consuming Sugar

Do you consume sugar, instantly regret it and go to the bathroom and brush your teeth immediately? You shouldn’t be doing that! Although it’s wise to brush your teeth after consuming sugar preservatives such as from sodas and juices, do not brush your teeth straight away. It is recommended that you wait 30 to 60 minutes after you consume sugar before you brush your teeth. You should wait for the sugar preservatives to settle inside the mouth before brushing them.

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Should I Consume Sugar?

These myths about sugar and your teeth can alter your thoughts about sugar when it comes to your oral health. We all know that food and drink naturally taste nice with sugar preservatives in it, and the dentist won’t necessarily request you to stop consuming sugar altogether. Certain guidelines recommend from health experts founds that adults eating 2000 calories a day should have less than or equal to 50 grams of sugar daily. Although, you should begin to consider how your teeth will be impacted when consuming sugar. Consume it in moderation band alongside consuming food and drink that contains nutritional value to ensure you regularly keep your mouth clean from food debris as this can contain sugar which is a trigger for acid build-up.

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